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Postby NHames » Sun 03 Apr, 2011 8:48 am


I was wondering if my 13 week old baby could be starting to teeth? He is drooling quite a bit, pulling his left ear and rubbing his face against me when I'm holding him. He has been doing these things for about a week and a half. Do the teeth move much before they come thru? I did not think they started quite this early!

Many thanks,
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Re: Teething?

Postby NgalaOnline » Mon 04 Apr, 2011 11:04 am

Hi There,
Thanks for your post about your 13 week old showing signs of teething.

The average age the 1st tooth comes through is around 6 months. However, some babies are born with teeth, and others don't come through until 12 months!!

The teeth can be rumbling away for a while before anything comes through.

The symptoms that you described, do sound like the teeth are on the move, however pulling ears and rubbing his face against you can also be signs of tiredness too. Ensure that he has not been awake for more than about 90 mins at this age.

Treat the symptoms of teething if they are causing problems, but, if not, the teeth should either settle down, or may cut through.

See your local Child Health Nurse, GP or Dentist if you are worried.

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