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Formula Feeding

Postby NHames » Fri 04 Mar, 2011 3:29 pm


I am formula feeding my 9 week old baby boy. How do I know if he is getting enough? Is there a general amount, based on weight, then worked out over a 24 hour period that I should go off? Also, he still gets constipated. He is on Karicare De Lac, supplimented with water, (when I can give it to him). I have only just started giving him Coloxyl Drops for this, half dose (0.15ml), every second day, once a day only.. and I'm not too sure if I should continue with this.

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Re: Formula Feeding

Postby NgalaOnline » Fri 04 Mar, 2011 5:11 pm

Hi NHames

Thanks for your post.

A guide that is commonly used to assess how much formula a baby requires is 150mls multiplied by baby's weight (in kilos), divided by the number of feeds baby is requiring per day. This equation will give you a rough guide as to how much your baby might need. You can also follow the recommendations given on the formula tin. It is important to remember though that these guidelines are an average, and that there are variations as all babies are individuals. If you are concerned about your baby's intake it can be helpful to talk to your Child Health Nurse. It is also helpful to look at signs such as whether your baby is producing at least 5 heavy wet disposable nappies in 24 hours, is having some contended periods each day, has good skin tone and colour, and is putting on weight well. These are good indications that a baby is receiving what he requires.

Regarding your baby's constipation, it would be worthwhile discussing this issue with your baby's medical practitioner for further guidance regarding medications. Constipation can sometimes occur if formula bottles are made too concentrated - ie if they are made with too much powder. It can be helpful to check that you are making his bottles strictly according to the recommendations on the formula tin. Also, when making up the tin it is best to level each scoop off by gently scraping any heaped powder off the top of the scoop with the back of a knife, rather than tapping the scoop to knock off excess powder. Tapping the scoop can reduce the amount of air in the scoop and can cause it to become overly concentrated.

Offering a constipated baby extra water between feeds can be helpful in managing constipation. It is important to give this between feeds rather than diluting his bottle with extra water, as he requires the formula concentration to be accurate for his nutrition. Occasionally some babies can be constipated by Gold formulas as the added iron can contribute to constipation.

I would encourage you to seek further assistance from your baby's medical practitioner if your baby continues to suffer with constipation.
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