5 week old

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5 week old

Postby eloisek » Thu 19 Apr, 2012 10:02 pm

Hi I would love some help with my 5 week old infant.

I know that my daughter is very young and looking at setting a routine is not reasonable and i guess it is too much to expect her to learn to self settle. I am having a huge problem with getting her to stay settled. We are able to settle her using : patting, rocking, patting the mattress, gently rocking the matress, she is swaddled, however she continues to wake within 10 minutes. of falling asleep. This can continue for 3 hours. She is fed and my supply seems to be alright. I will during this process offer her another feed and change her to make sure she is dry and comfortable. When she does fall asleep at night ( i assume from exhaustion) she will sleep for several hours (usually 3), then feed and go back to sleep for another block. It is just very frustrating during the day and especially in the evening from 7pm onwards (usually til 10 or 11pm). During the day I am able to rock her and carry her a bit more, but I also have a 27month old who requires my attention. It is more difficult to settle her while I am out.
She is taking Losec for silent reflux. During the day I aim to feed her then have her up for about an hour and 15 minutes inclusive of feed time. I do not refeed her during the day before a sleep until 3pm-7pm where she seems to want to cluster feed. She is VERY difficult to settle from 3pm - 7pm and I can get her to nap in her swing or with me. and then she is VERY VERY difficult to settle after 7pm.
I have the room dark at night (she sleeps in her cot in my room), during the day she is in her cot with the blinds open and a radio going nearby for background noise, or in her swing in the living room.
Is there something I am doing wrong re: settling that is causing her to wake within 10 minutes?
Is this a stage or is it likely to continue?
Do you have any other suggestions as to what I can try?
I occassionally use a dummy during the day if she is really unsettled, will this form a sleep association that will be difficult to change at this stage?
SHould i continue to wrap her at this stage? Can she be encouraged to suck her hands?? When does the startle reflex stop being an issue?

Thanks heaps and sorry for the long post.
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Re: 5 week old

Postby NgalaOnline » Fri 20 Apr, 2012 4:30 pm

Hi Eloisek,
Thanks for your post. Sounds as though you have very realistic expectations around settling and sleep for your 5 week old. Of course with an active toddler in the home it is all more tiring.
Swaddling, gentle patting and use of a dummy are all good settling techniques.. Use of a dummy at this age wouldn't be of concern as a sleep association and in fact can be helpful and give some comfort for a baby with reflux.
You mention your little one is able to sleep longer at night, which again can happen for a baby with reflux as their tummies may be more settled at this time.
It may be helpful to think about tired signs and a baby this age will be likely to be showing early tired signs after as short a period as 45 minutes to 1 hour.
It may also be helpful to try settling in the cot for all sleeps, with the room being dimly lit in the day, then continue with a dark room at night.However, if settling in the cot continues to be difficult use of the swing, or perhaps a sling if available or even the pram in the day at times.
The startle reflex can be subsiding at around 3 months, so swaddling to this age is helpful for settling, you may also find developmentally your little one is generally more settled by this age.
If you live in Western Australia please call the Ngala Help line for a more detailed discussion.
The following websites may also be of assistance. http://www.reflux.org.au; www.breastfeeding.asn.au
This information is general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for the personalized assistance that can be received from the Ngala Helpline by telephone.

For families residing in Western Australia you can also contact the
Ngala Helpline
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or request a callback online http://www.ngala.com.au/Ngala-and-You/Ngala-Helpline/Contact-Ngala-Helpline-Online

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