11 weeks - settling

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11 weeks - settling

Postby newmum » Sun 22 Jan, 2012 10:37 pm

hello - up until the last week, i've been mainly breast feeding or rocking my baby to sleep, however, now want to start to try and self settle. i've been having some success during the day - although i've been putting her down when drowsy - not the advice i've read on these forums! will try harder to watch for earlier signs from now on.

however, the evening is a bit tricky...she generally sleeps for a couple of hours between 6-8pm, then is awake and ready to play. it's then really hard to get her back down again - generally at least 90minutes of crying/rocking before she falls asleep exhausted in my arms after numerous attempts to put her down. my evening routine isn't all that predictable as daddy works shift work - would being stricter with the routine help?

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Re: 11 weeks - settling

Postby NgalaOnline » Tue 24 Jan, 2012 11:27 am

Hi New Mum. Thanks for your post. 11 weeks is a great age to try and introduce some settling ideas. It sounds like you have been having some success so far, particularly with day sleeps. This is a great start. The more practice that your baby has with self settling (day or night), the more confident she should become. As you mention, looking out for really early tired signs can help this process as a slightly overtired baby will find self settling more tricky. A gentle process of gradually stepping back your involvement and giving your baby plenty of opportunity to calm herself should lead to more and more success. Well done on beginning this journey.
As you mention, a nice bedtime routine can certainly help a baby to prepare for their evening sleep. A bedtime routine can often include a bath or shower, perhaps a book or lullaby, a cuddle, a feed and then getting your baby ready for bed. As your baby girl is probably getting more and more alert these days it is a good idea to make sure that this routine is calming and has lots of wind down time. Again this is to try and prepare your baby for sleep. Using the same pattern most nights and also the same words and phrases when soothing your baby can also help your baby recognise that it is time for sleeping. Perhaps it would be useful to also look at you little ones afternoon sleep times for if she tends to nap during the later part of the day she could be overtired. If she is a little overtired, she may be finding it hard to resettle and calm herself after she wakes up at 8pm. As your continue with encouraging your baby to settle herself it should become easier for baby to calm herself more and more quickly if she does wake. We hope that these ideas will help you. Should you want to discuss anything in more detail and you live in Western Australia, please feel free to contact the Ngala Helpline. Good luck.
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