Formula feed to settle at night

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Formula feed to settle at night

Postby jamac » Fri 14 Jan, 2011 3:31 pm

Hi if I feed my 6 month old baby a formula feed at night will she sleep longer? Ta
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Re: Formula feed to settle at night

Postby NgalaOnline » Sun 16 Jan, 2011 3:00 pm

Hi Jamac. Thank you for your post. Your question is a very common one that many mothers have.

Introducing formula in the hope that a baby will sleep better is an individual choice for each mother to make. Some mothers will state that giving formula to their baby made their baby sleep better at night, but research indicates that introducing a formula bottle does not improve sleep for the majority of babies - it is common for both breast and bottle fed babies to wake at night. When making your decision whether to introduce a formula feed or not there are some things you may like to consider. One is that breastmilk production is dictated by the principle of supply and demand - the more you feed the more milk you make - therefore introducing supplementary feeds may reduce your breastmilk supply. It is also helpful to know that the introduction of one bottle of formula to an exclusively breastfed baby will change the pH and flora of his gastrointestinal tract for around thirty days, and during this time some of the protective factors of breastfeeding such as protection against gastrointestinal diseases will be reduced. Introduction of formula also reduces the protection again allergies provided by breastfeeding.

It is normal for a six month old baby to still require one or two night time feedings. Now that your baby is six months old, you may like to consider introducing solid foods to your baby if you feel she is hungry. If you find your baby is waking very frequently overnight, it may be helpful to explore whether there is more to your baby's wakings than hunger. Some helpful questions you may like to explore are: Is my baby well and gaining weight adequately? Is my baby having at least four full milk feeds during the day? Does my baby know how to fall asleep and resettle he awakes without requiring assistance? Does my baby use sucking at the breast to help him fall asleep?

If your baby is gaining weight well and taking at least four full feeds during the day, you might like to see how your baby responds if you attempt resettling her without offering a feed for one of his night time wakings. Supporting your baby to learn how to fall asleep by herself can help some babies learn to sleep for longer periods at night time.

If you would like to talk further about your baby's sleep or nutrition, please feel free to ring the Ngala helpline on 9368 9368 or you may like to attend a "Growing Baby" Parent Education session at Ngala, information about which can be found in the link below: ... owing-Baby
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